Swains Sheds: Swains buildings are made to last!
They have treated 4×4 timbers under the floor. These timbers are placed twenty inches apart and run the full width of the building. Treated 2X4’s are nailed along both sides of the 4×4’s to insure a solid foundation for the building.
The floor, walls, and roof are made of plywood. (No flake board or particle board to sag or come apart.)
High security doors are made with steel frames, security steel lock boxes, and 3 welded hinges, standard 4′ wide. Wider doors available.
The frame for the building and the trusses for the roof are made of premium cut 2×4’s.
The buildings are painted with your choice of colors. (Vinyl siding upgrades are available.)
Mice cannot get into these buildings. Your belongings are safe from rodents in one of these buildings.
Free delivery in most areas of Uintah and Duchesne Counties. Ask for details.